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EGOEE Professional Manufacturer Of Stainless Steel

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About Us

Overhead view of the factory campus.

EGOEE is a manufacturer of Stainless Steel handrail fittings and tubes since 1997. We are committed to providing high quality, competitive prices, attentive service, and considerable post-sales service.

Our sales team receives professional production and shipping training to better recommend products.

Our engineering team uses advanced design software for detailed 2D drawings and full layout design to utilize 2D technology for design testing on the job site.

Our production team uses the best techniques and processes to produce reusable, high-end, durable, and easy installation products.

So far, our products have been exported to more than 30 countries, such as Southeast, Europe, Nigeria, America, South America, and so on. Mainly products include Handrail fitting, balustrade, base cover, bar holder, bath fitting, handle, spider, and decorative accessories. Easy installation, and long use.

Strict testing and continuous improvement and innovation of early products make our products increasingly complete and exquisite.

We promise to provide customers with high-quality services, from the design stage to products after-sales, we can respond in a timely, professional, and reassuring manner.

EGOEE is not only a company that integrates production with sales but also tries to develop a faith and sincere partner for each customer. The mission of the EGOEE is that raise people’s living satisfaction and realize human happiness. All the staff of EGOEE is sparing no effort to provide the best quality and nice service for our friends.

Two men shaking hands.

Our History

Established in 1997, EGOEE Enterprise is now a famous decorative hardware manufacturer in China, located in Guangdong Province, south China. EGOEE targets the industrial and professional markets. Until 2023, EGOEE has more than 200 employees, whose stainless steel tube production capacity has reached 2000 tons per month, and the handrail series also reached  300 tons each month. With the establishment of the second factory in Jiangmen City, these figures are still growing. About the tubes series, we have round tubes, square tubes, slot tubes, embossing tubes, and so on. Nowadays, EGOEE updates various accessories, like door sliders, glass hinges, fancy handles, luxury spiders, wall brackets, glass spigots, and so forth.

EGOEE's dedicated industries, such as the commercial and residential glass industries, decorative metal manufacturers, and the architectural design community, are engaged in customer satisfaction. We develop and grow the company by establishing and maintaining close and benign cooperative relations with customers, as well as providing professional knowledge, high-quality online services, and timely delivery of goods. The EGOEE continues this tradition by providing one-on-one consulting services with experienced staff and patiently answering various questions and needs of customers. We can provide solutions for manufacturers and buyers from all over the world.

EGOEE has always been adhering to the purpose of being customer-centered and the belief in serving the people and making high-quality products that satisfy the public. Owing to this responsible concept rooted in all staff in EGOEE, we provide exquisite outlooks and superior quality products to our clients we had won the support and love of lots of domestic and foreign builders, and all of them have built long-term and sustainable cooperation with us. It is precise because of the ideal match between buyers and sellers and the strong support of customers that not only created our brilliance today but also achieved a win-win situation for everyone.

In a word, “ to be professional, enterprising, practical and innovative’’ has been our core value. In the new times, EGOEE is ready to advance with people around the world, to create a wonderful future together.

EGOEE Make Buying SS Easy ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

EGOEE Make Buying SS Easy
  Factory Building No. 2, Shatou Village, Guanyao, Shishan Town,Nanhai District. Foshan Guangdong ,China
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