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Stainless Steel Glass Clamp

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The advantage of  stainless steel glass clamp ?

Stainless Steel Glass Clamps & Holders Combining modern stainless steel with the beauty of glass makes a bold statement. easy install instead of welded, These systems are great in any residential or commercial space and invoke visions of elegance and strength. The stainless and glass combination is also perfect for outdoor use, as the glass allows for the preservation of views.

Glass Clamps. Glass clamps provide a smart & functional solution for clamping glass panels. Our glass clamps are made from high quality grade stainless steel 304 or 316, available in polish or satin finish. Perfect for any semi-frameless pool fencing project.

Stainless steel glass clamp

Glass clamp is designed to hold glass panels firmly in position, in durable stainless steel for flat or tubular mounting.  glass clamp and supports.

Available in a choice of 304 or 316 grade material, round glass clamp are the most popular item in the glass accessories which are easy installation and simple looking.

Railing glass clamp are designed to work with panels between ¼” (6mm) and ½” . Also available for 90 degree .  the size of the class clamp are : 50*40mm, 64*45mm, 45*45mm, 55*50mm, for 1/4, 6 mm, 8 mm, 10mm and 12mm glass.

We also have versions of 316 stainless steel clamps /clamp glass making them perfect for outdoor and marine usage.

Glass Clamp. Glass and steel are two of the most commonly used construction materials for contemporary designs. The combination provides a clean and sophisticated look to any indoor and outdoor space. G industry glass clamps are designed to hold glass and steel rail components together without detracting from the appearance of the design.

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