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Spacing Type Process Piping Stainless Steel Grooved Tube

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 Product Introduction & Description


Introducing our Spacing Type Process Piping Stainless Steel Grooved Tube. Designed for industrial applications, this grooved tube offers precision engineering and reliable performance. 

Crafted from good quality stainless steel, it ensures durability and corrosion resistance, ideal for harsh environments. Its innovative spacing design allows for easy installation and efficient fluid flow, making it suitable for various piping systems. 

Upgrade your infrastructure with our Spacing Type Process Piping Stainless Steel Grooved Tube for superior performance and longevity.


  • [Material] - Constructed from Grade 304 stainless steel, our grooved tubes boast superior corrosion resistance, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

  • [Surface treatment]- Finish with polishing that is smooth, oxidation resistant and corrosion resistant.

  • [Design] - With their precision spacing design, our grooved tubes ensure seamless connections, allowing for quick and efficient installation. From water distribution networks to HVAC systems, our stainless steel grooved tubes offer the strength and reliability you need for your projects.


 Product Advantages

  • Precise Grooved Design:

    Engineered with precision grooves, ensuring accurate alignment and secure connections in piping systems.

  • Versatile Spacing Options:

    Offers a variety of spacing options to accommodate different piping configurations and requirements.

  • Easy Installation:

    Designed for effortless installation, saving time and labor costs during the setup process.

  • Enhanced Flow Efficiency:

    Facilitates smooth fluid flow within the piping system, minimizing pressure drops and optimizing performance.

  • Reliable Performance:

    Provides reliable performance under various operating conditions, ensuring consistent results over time.

  • Compatibility with Accessories:

    Compatible with a wide range of accessories and fittings, allowing for flexible system customization.

| Applications

Our stainless steel handrail and balustrade products are widely used in the following areas, providing you with a beautiful, durable and safe solution:

  1. Architectural decoration

    Interior and exterior decoration of commercial and residential buildings to enhance the overall aesthetics.

  2. Stairway Handrails

    Installed on both sides of stairs to provide pedestrians with a safe grip to prevent falls and accidents.

  3. Balcony Railing

    Used at the edge of balconies to provide safety and protection while enhancing the aesthetics of the building.

  4. Deck and Corridor Railings

    Installed at the edges of platforms and corridors in public buildings, shopping centers, airports, and stations to provide protection for pedestrians.

  5. Outdoor railings

    Guardrail systems for parks, gardens, walkways and other outdoor areas to increase safety and aesthetics.

  6. Accessibility

    Stainless steel handrails for disabled access and wheelchair ramps to provide support for those in need.

  7. Guardrail Separation

    Guardrail separation systems for roads, bridges, and highways to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrians.

  8. Safety railings for industrial facilities

    Safety railings for industrial plants, warehouses, docks and other facilities to protect workers and equipment.

Strength and durability: high strength material, long service life.

  • Diversified design: Polished, brushed and other surface treatments are available upon request to meet the aesthetic and functional needs of different places.

  • Easy to install and maintain: reasonable design, easy to install and low maintenance cost.

    Choose our stainless steel handrails and railings to add the perfect combination of safety and aesthetics to your buildings and facilities.



 Product Packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging

Packing and shipping

Stainless steel tube packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging


 Factory Video


EGOEE factory production video



CE Certificate

CE Certificate

SGS Certificate

SGS Certificate

ISO Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

EPR Certificate

EPR Certificate


 Data Sheet

Round Single Slot Pipe
Slot Size(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Glass Thickness Range(mm)



42.4 24*24 1.2-1.5 8-22
50.8 15*15 1.2-2.4 5-12
50.8 20*20 1.2-2.4 8-15
63.5 20*20 1.2-2.4 8-15
76.2 25*25 1.2-2.4 10-22
Square Single Slot Pipe
40*40 15*15
1.0-2.4 5-12
40*40 20*20
1.0-2.4 8-15

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