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Position Grade Industrial Stainless Steel Grooved Tube

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  • Grade: 304 & 316
    Length: 6 meters, 5.8 meters, customized
    Surface treatment: 2B, Hairline, Brush / Satin, Mirror Finish, colored
    High corrosion resistance (austenitic)
    Fair resistance to thermal and electrical conductivity


 Product Description

Introducing our Position Grade Industrial Stainless Steel Grooved Tubes, engineered for precision and endurance in industrial settings. 

Constructed from top-tier stainless steel, these tubes deliver unmatched durability and stability, guaranteeing precise positioning and robust support for machinery and equipment. 

Explore our selection today to enhance your industrial operations. Egoee is trusted by stainless steel suppliers, glass distributors, and more.

|Product Benefits

A stainless steel grooved pipe is a stainless steel pipe with grooves along its length. It is used for railings and handrails as it offers several advantages such as:

Easily Connection

- Can be easily connected to other components such as elbows, flanges, connectors, etc. without welding or drilling. This groove fits into the corresponding fitting and is secured with rubber gaskets and clamps.

Seamless Look

- It creates a smooth, seamless look to a railing or handrail system because the grooves hide joints and screws. It can also be polished, chrome-plated, titanium-plated, etc. to create different effects and match different styles.

Great Material

- It can provide strength and durability to a railing or handrail system as it is made of high-quality stainless steel materials such as AISI 304, 316, or duplex SS 2205, with excellent resistance to corrosion, wear, and polishing. It can also withstand high pressure and high temperature without deformation.

Customize Options

- It can be made into various shapes and sizes to suit different conditions and scenarios. Its shape can be round, square, rectangular, or oval, and comes in different diameters and thicknesses. It can also be bent or curved to accommodate different angles and directions.

Various Application Scenarios

Stainless steel grooved pipes are widely used in various scenarios, such as hotels, villas, office buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, sports venues, leisure facilities, supermarkets, warehouses, workshops, parks, etc., and can create a modern and elegant appearance for railings or Armrest system.

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 Product Packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging

Packing and shipping

Stainless steel tube packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging

Stainless steel tube packaging


 Factory Video


EGOEE factory production video



1. Are you factory or trading company?

We are manufacturer.

2. How about the delivery time?

It's based on the order, normally 10-15 days. Some products are in stock, we can deliver goods within one week.

3. Can you provide sample?

Yes, we can send sample if in stock.

4. What are your company's main products?

Our main products are stainless steel pipe and handrail fittings.

5. How to maintain and clean stainless steel?

Stainless steel can be cleaned with mild soap and water, followed by drying with a soft cloth.

6. How are stainless steel products customized?

Stainless steel products can be customized through processes like cutting, bending, welding, and surface finishing.Please feel free to ask our sales person!


 Company Profile

EGOEE has been a manufacturer of stainless steel handrail fittings and tubing since 1997. We are committed to providing high quality, competitive price, considerate service and perfect after-sales service.

Our sales team has received professional training in production and shipping to recommend the most suitable products for you.

Our engineering team uses advanced design software for detailed 2D drawings and complete layout designs to utilize 2D technology for design testing on the job site.

Our production team employs the best technology and craftsmanship to produce high-end, durable and easy-to-install products.

EGOEE is not only a company integrating production and sales, but also committed to the development of every customer, and is a faithful and sincere partner. EGOEE's mission is to improve people's life satisfaction and realize human happiness. All EGOEE staff will spare no effort to provide the best quality products and the most considerate service for our friends.



CE Certificate

CE Certificate

SGS Certificate

SGS Certificate

ISO Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

EPR Certificate

EPR Certificate


 Data Sheet

Round Single Slot Pipe
Slot Size(mm) Wall Thickness(mm) Glass Thickness Range(mm)



42.4 24*24 1.2-1.5 8-22
50.8 15*15 1.2-2.4 5-12
50.8 20*20 1.2-2.4 8-15
63.5 20*20 1.2-2.4 8-15
76.2 25*25 1.2-2.4 10-22
Square Single Slot Pipe
40*40 15*15
1.0-2.4 5-12
40*40 20*20
1.0-2.4 8-15

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