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Adjustable Standard Stainless Steel Post For Stairs

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 Product Description

Stainless steel stair handrail columns can be customized in color. Stainless steel has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, anti-oxidation, and easy cleaning, and can maintain long-term beauty and durability. By painting or spraying on the surface of stainless steel, it can show a variety of color effects.

Colored stainless steel stair handrail columns can be selected in different colors according to personal preferences and design needs, such as red, yellow, black, etc. This design is perfect for indoor or outdoor staircase decoration, adding a sleek, modern feel to the space.

Not only that, the colored stainless steel stair handrail columns also have excellent structural strength and stability, which can effectively support and protect the safety of users on the stairs. At the same time, colored stainless steel materials also have good wear resistance and weather resistance, and can withstand the test of daily use and environmental changes.

In general, colored stainless steel stair handrail columns are a decorative element that combines beauty, practicality and safety. It can add unique visual effects to the stair space and provide reliable support function.

Application scenarios

  • Residential Elegance:

    Elevate the look of your home's staircase with our Adjustable Standard Stainless Steel Posts. Crafted from premium stainless steel, these posts offer a sleek and modern touch to any residential setting. Their adjustable design ensures a perfect fit for various stair configurations, providing both style and safety at every step.

  • Commercial Versatility:

    From office buildings to shopping centers, our stainless steel posts are designed to meet the demands of commercial environments. Their durable construction and corrosion-resistant properties make them ideal for high-traffic areas, ensuring long-lasting performance without compromising on style. Whether for new installations or renovations, these posts offer a reliable solution for commercial staircases.

  • Architectural Freedom:

    Architects and designers appreciate the versatility of our stainless steel posts in architectural projects. With their adjustable height feature, these posts can be customized to meet the unique design requirements of any project. Whether incorporated into residential complexes or cultural institutions, our posts add a touch of sophistication while meeting safety standards with ease.

  • Outdoor Durability:

    Designed to withstand the elements, our stainless steel posts are perfect for outdoor installations. Whether on decks, balconies, or terraces, these posts maintain their structural integrity and aesthetic appeal in any weather condition.

    Their corrosion-resistant properties ensure long-term durability, providing peace of mind for outdoor applications.

Product Information

Product Name Adjustable Standard Stainless Steel Post For Stairs
Material Stainless steel 304 or 316
Color Stainless steel original color or customized
Technology Casting or stamping
Surface Finish Mirror or Satin
Application Balustrade/Railing/Handrail/Stair/Balcony
MOQ 100pcs
Packing Standard export packing or as per requirement
OEM/ODM Acceptable
Delivery Ocean Shipping;Air Shipping;Express Delivery


 Product Application

stainless steel post  stainless steel post


 Product Advantage

  • Provide support and stability: The stainless steel stair handrail posts play the role of bearing and dispersing the force of the handrail, providing support and stability, making you feel safe and secure when going up and down the stairs.

  • Safety protection function: The stainless steel post can provide you with appropriate grip and support points by correctly setting the height and spacing, effectively preventing slips, falls and other accidents, and providing necessary safety protection during the use of stairs.

  • Beauty and decorative effect: The design and material selection of the stainless steel post can match the overall stair decoration style, which can improve the aesthetics and decorative effect of the space. Different shapes, materials and color options can meet the aesthetic needs of different people.

  • DURABILITY & EASY MAINTENANCE: Our stainless steel post are made of durable stainless steel material to maintain stability and durability over time. At the same time, stainless steel is also easy to clean and maintain, just wipe and maintain it regularly.

  • Customizability: Stainless steel post can be customized according to actual needs, including height, shape, color and other requirements. This flexibility allows it to adapt to the needs of various stair designs and usage environments.

In summary, stainless steel post provide convenience and comfort to stair users by providing support and stability, safety protection, beautiful decoration and other functions, and can coordinate with the overall stair design to enhance the beauty and practicality of the space.


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CE Certificate

CE Certificate

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SGS Certificate


EPR Certificate

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO9001 Certificate


 Product Packaging


Stainless steel fitting inner packaging


Stainless steel fitting outer packaging


Packaging and Shipping

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